Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jock Mahoney--Article and Obits


  1. While he was at Columbia, besides appearing in Durango Kid "B" Westerns (both as a stunt double and playing supporting parts), he also was in some Three Stooges shorts, some of which had Western settings. In Out West, he rides to the fort to get help. As they prepare to ride to rescue the Stooges and Christine McIntyre, Jock says, "I hope we're not too late." The officer assures him, "Never in the history of motion pictures has the US Cavalry been too late."

  2. I was at a television sales/repair store in Carlsbad, CA in the early 1980s. While I was speaking to the owner, a tall, steel-grey haired man come in schlepping a big 27" TV for repair. As the owner wrote up the ticket, the man looked over and said hello to me. I responded the same. After he left the owner asked me if I recognized her customer, which I didn't. She said that he used to be Tarzan; immediately I realized it was Jock Mahoney, an actor that I would have enjoy speaking with for those few minutes. He had gained a bunch of weight from his Tarzan days (and I think him the best after the young Weissmuller), and he had given his name as O'Mahoney, which I didn't connect with the actor's billed name.