Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boot Hill-1969

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill starred as Hutch Bessy and Cat Stevens in a trio of late-60s westerns. Hill was cast and given his new name due to his strong resemblance to spaghetti western star Franco Nero. When it looked like Nero was going Hollywood with Camelot, Italian cinema was pleased to find a replacement.

This third movie in the loose trilogy is unique in that it features a bit of an all-star cast. US film veterans Woody Strode, Lionel Stander (a longtime expatriate due to his problems with the House Un-American Activities Committee) and Eduardo Cianelli and relative newcomer Victor Buono (BATMAN's King Tut) holds his own.

Hill and Spencer would redefine their roles into lighthearted versions soon afterwards in THEY CALL ME TRINITY. The pair would go on to make 18 films together covering just about every genre.

Hill would later take his lighthearted cowboy to International TV with LUCKY LUKE.

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